MiniMini Bikini

This is our MiniMini bikini set. Browsing through our micro bikinis do you think that the micro string bikini is too small and the Mini string bikini covers too much? Then the MiniMini bikini is the one you are looking for.

The MiniMini top is in between the Micro and the Mini bikinis also the MiniMini G-string is in between the two.

The MiniMini bikini bottom features a low-rise cut and it is G-string at the back. It is a sun searcher micro string bikini.

Dare to show your tanned skin in our sexy MiniMini bikini design?

Treat yourself and choose the color that you like the most from the solid colors or dare with the mesh ones. Some of our solid colors, like the white one, will be slightly sheer when wet. You can also find it in our Sheer Bikinis category.

The MiniMini bikini set is one of our best sellers among the Micro Bikini Swimwear.

You’ll be the center of attention in this MiniMini Extreme Bikini; it will offer you endless versatility while looking sexy. It’s the bottom to wear this summer. You can buy a skirt of the same or different color for your trips from the sand to the bar or restaurant. Enjoy lying in the sun dreaming in your favorite place

The Micro bikini top measures 2.5” wide X 4.1” long
The Mini Bikini top measures 4.1” wide X 5.1” long
The MiniMini top measures 3.1” wide X 4.3” long
The Micro bikini string measures 2.1” wide X 4.7” long
The Mini bikini string measures 3.9” wide X 6.2” long
The MiniMini G-String measures 3.9” wide X 4.7” long.



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