Minimicro g-string bikini with 25% discount.

This weekend we have the Minimicro g-string bikini with 25% discount. Our Minimicro g-string bikini bottom is the smallest bikini T-Back bottom we manufacture. It barely, if at all, covers genitalia.

The Minimicro is perfect for any occasion. It is designed for a maximum exposure. It measures Front: 1.4″ wide x 2.2″ long (3.5 cm x 5.5 cm) , T-Back only.

You can buy a separate bikini bottom or get the Minimicro bottom with Tiny Micro Top or choose any top among different sizes and designs. And also in super sexy Sheer fabrics!

Don’t miss this opportunity and use the coupon code MINIMICRO when placing the order. Valid promotion until June 5th.

At we know what you want and need to feel good!

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