Bicolor Crochet Bikini Thongs


The Bicolor Crochet Bikinis  are handmade and unique. Sexy bicolor crochet bikinis that come in White/Black, Light/Dark Blue or Yellow/Green combinations.
You can choose any style from our Lycra collection or ask for special color combinations. We will make it for you!

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The Bicolor Crochet Bikinis are handmade and unique, sexy bicolor crochet bikini that come in White/Black, Light/Dark Blue or Yellow/Green combination.
You can choose any style or combination of colors, we will make it for you.
They all tie at the side. Wearing one of these hand-made crochet bikinis you will be proud to be seen anywhere this summer. We also make the hand-made crochet string for men, you can buy it for 96.00US$
Buy a Handmade Bicolor Crochet bikini combination from only 120.00US$.
It is available exclusively at our on-line shop.

It is made with the best quality bikini crochet materials. Strings will fit all sizes, guaranteed!

At we know what you want and need to feel good!


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